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Top 4 Roof Ventilation System Benefits

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Roof Ventilation Solutions Diagram. © SML Construction

How is your Summer going? Hot right? We, Canadians, should never complain about hot weather they say… But having a nice comfortable home temperature is always nice right? Ottawa roofers can help you improve your home's ventilation. How? Simply by adding proper ventilation to your current roof. Here are 4 benefits from adding a ventilation solution to your roof by Eastern Ontario's roofing experts:

1- Keeps Your Home Cooler During Summer

By adding ventilation to your roof, effectively evacuates the hot, stale air from the attic during hot summer days, while enabling the cooler external air to enter, lessening the indoor temperature impressively. Simultaneously, it likewise brings down the surface temperature of the attic’s flooring and prevents the hot air from propagating under.

2- Saves You Money

Not only this solution will keep your family cool during those hot days, but it will also, of course, save you a lot of money from your electricity bill and decrease your air conditioning usage.

3- Keeps A Longer Roof Life Span

Having ventilation installed in your home by Ottawa Roofers will make a big impact on your roof’s life span. How? By keeping your roof dry and to a perfect temperature all year round. Your roof shingles will last longer because they are not as exposed to excessive heat, making them distorted through time.

4- Avoids Wood Rot And Mold

A ventilation installment is not only great during the summer days, but also during the cold and wet Winters. The ventilation system will work the other way around during cold days, it will prevent your attic from building up ice, which can result in mold and wood rot.

Therefore, if you recently installed new shingles on your roof, and you are thinking of re-roofing your home, there’s always the option to add a ventilation system. Should you have any questions in that regard, you may call or email your roofing experts, SML Construction at: or (613) 407-4301

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