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5 Things to Know About Roof Inspection

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It is always better to hire a reputable contractor for a roof inspection job, but if you think you can inspect it yourself before calling a professional for help, there are some things you should be well aware of.

Roofs are a crucially important part of your house. A regular roof inspection can ensure you do not face any consequences, such as water getting into the house, and the walls weakening due to the water seeping for an extended time.

1. Vents

Whenever you are on a roof inspection, it is necessary to examine the ventilation in your attic. No matter what kind of vents you have on your roof, they need to be inspected. If your attic is not adequately ventilated, the trapped moisture/hot or cold air will cause your roof to weaken over time. This results in a shorter span of your roof. So, step one should be ensuring that your vents are free from any obstructions.

2. Leaks or Stains

Another critical aspect of a roof inspection is to check for water leaks or stains on walls or ceilings. Once you locate these stains, look for possible causes of these stains. If you cannot judge the main reason behind these stains, call a roofer at your earliest. Professional help at the right time can help prevent more extensive destruction.

3. Shingles & Chimney

Ensure that the chimney cap's flashing, mortar, and condition are suitable. Often, people ignore the weird plants growing out of their chimney mortars. If you notice such growth, it is a clear indication that your chimney has a moisture issue. Call in a professional for help as soon as possible.

Additionally, look for any missing shingles. Missing shingles mean your roof is subjected to the weather with no safety layer. This is yet another reason why roofs expire before we expect them to.

4. An Eagle-Eye Look

Look at the overall condition of your roof with a neutral eye. Look for the layers of your roof. Check how many layers are not damaged; check if the nails in your decking are holding the top firmly. You can't tell this by walking over your roof only. You need to inspect your roof closely and see for any possible red flags. If you're unable to judge the condition, call in a professional.

While you are checking for these nails, try to inspect penetrations and skylights too. See if they are firmly attached and whether they are leak-free. Check all the pipes and ensure they are not cracked or rusted.

5. Flashing & Gutters

Lastly, you should ensure that your flashing isn't rusting. Flashing is something you would be sure of if there's no water standing on your roof or entering your house. Yet, it's always better to re-check. Don't forget to check the gutters. Ensure that any debris does not block them. Note that if you find any standing water, it means your channel isn't properly tilted.

If you want to surpass this hassle, call or email SML Construction for a roof inspection today!

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