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Don't Overpay For An Emergency Roof Repair

The word emergency can drive you through many emotions in a second. You may feel anxiety and panic within yourself as soon as you witness that you need an emergency roof repair. Especially if the weather around in your city is extreme; the tension that builds up is natural. Yet, some unprofessional opportunist companies can milk your emergency roof repair needs for their profits.

While we don’t suggest you make decisions that are irrational or through all the caution to wind, we certainly don’t support overpaying for service only because you need it urgently. For example, when a homeowner responds to an emergency roof repair with a “money is no object,” they become vulnerable to unjust pricing and downgraded services.


You may find the straightforwardness of the statement above troubling, but it is true. As soon as you find yourself struggling with a problem, it would help if you urgently rectified it. Your attitude makes you vulnerable to opportunists; you will find the statement we mentioned pretty true.

There are hundreds of such companies that know the customer will likely pay any amount they want for the “emergency roof repair” in the name of “rush fees” and such. An excellent way to deal with such a situation is going to a roofing company that doesn’t overcharge or capitalize on your roof repair costs. SML Construction is the company you would be happy to do business with because we keep YOUR best interest at our heart — even though you’re asking for an emergency roof repair.

While you are looking for a reputable company for an urgent roof repair, there are some dos and don’ts you would want to follow:


  • Shop around before finalizing on a roofing contractor

  • Ask the contractors to inspect your roof

  • Get a free online, no-contact quote

  • Obtain the warranties and insurances

  • Get the complete know-how on how the warranties and insurances work for you

  • Confirm the credibility and authorization of the companies

  • Get references (BBB or Google)


  • Avoid getting scammed by “on-point inspection and repair” services

  • Full payment/large upfronts for a quick service

  • Unusual discounted rates for additional suggested repairs

  • Any claims that divert you from the service you are looking for to something that costs even more


If we had to give you a piece of advice in five words, it would be this: pay for services, not time. No company would ever ask you to pay for the time they invest in your home rather than the service they are offering. It does not make sense.

Every reputable company will follow the same protocol and offer the same quality service, regardless of its deadline. You want a practical solution for your roof, even if it takes a bit more time, rather than a quick but poor solution.

SML Construction is a BBB accredited (A+) company offering its services for quite some time in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. If you are located somewhere near us, reach out to us today. We are a dignified company who never overcharge for emergency repairs.

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