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How to Hire a Local Roofer Like a BOSS

Installing a new roof or going for a repair is one expensive task. You certainly don’t want to hire local roofers who will do it in the wrong way. So, while looking for the best local roofers services, take as much time as you want. A slight delay is better than a poorly done job. Let’s dive straight into the questions we suggest you should ask before hiring a roofing company.


You can quickly check any local roofer’s credibility by asking the following three basic questions:

  1. Do you have any client references? If so, could you please send them to me?

  2. Do you have any warranty? If so, what does it include?

  3. Are the company’s owners or project managers on the job site?

A roofer reference check is always worthwhile — and don’t be shy asking for it! After all, you’ll be investing a big chunk of your hard-earned money for the roofing service! Additionally, you can always browse online peer review sites such as local business listings, Google Reviews, and Better Business Bureau. Note the warranty; oftentimes, the roofing material itself — more specifically, the asphalt shingles — has a warranty. So make sure you understand the difference between the material versus service warranty when asking for more information. Lastly, any project manager or site inspector should be present on the site while the job is done. Your best bet is having the company owner involved every step of the way — their reputation is on the line.


For a medium-sized house, the roof repair cost can range from $1,200 to $15,000 depending on the material, the area covered, the expertise, and more. But, you shouldn’t be paying more for an emergency roof repair! You can compare your local roofers’ service pricing by asking them to leave estimates by email or phone or simply ask them about their price per square foot. If the local roofers ask you about your material preferences or inspect your roof/attic before giving an estimate, or other such things, know that you are safe. However, suppose a company tells you a price right away without getting any knowledge about your roof’s condition. In that case, it is a red flag because they will eventually ask for more money due to potential surprises or to sell you more.


One of the most important questions you can ask to judge if the local roofers are reputable is asking for a layover instead of a complete re-roofing. It is a tricky question because only a professional would tell you that going for a layover is a lousy option. Especially if you have an ongoing water problem or such, adding another layer without removing the damaged layer would hide the further damage, while the additional layers get outdated. Not to forget that the roof will be one layer heavier, leading you to the verge of other unfortunate incidents.


If the roofers you are hiring only consider the exterior damage, it’s a red flag! However, if you have an attic, it is a must that the roofers check its condition before deciding how to repair your roof. If they don’t ask to inspect your roof before telling them to, they are not expert enough.


Last but not least, ask how they plan to execute the repair process. This will estimate how many days it will take and help you prepare for other things that you might face during the repair.

And now, you know how to hire a roofing company like a BOSS!

SML Construction is unparalleled local roofers because we deal with every homeowner with their best interests at heart. Call or visit us today to know all about our services that ensure you receive nothing less than excellence.

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