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Catch The Bus Photo Contest

Enter to Win $500 Off Reroofing Services & $200 Gift Card



Hey there, homeowners of Ottawa! SML Construction is taking over the streets with our snazzy marketing sign displayed proudly on the back of an OC Transpo Bus. Now, we're counting on you to make it a roaring success!

Introducing the Catch the Bus Photo Contest! We've transformed this everyday commute into a thrilling opportunity for you to win amazing prizes.

Here's how to get in on the action and claim your chance to win $500 off reroofing services and a $200 Gift Card of your choice:

  1. Spot our eye-catching SML Construction sign as it cruises through the city. Look out for it, because it's hard to miss!

  2. Capture the bus in all its glory. Get creative with your photography skills and show off your unique perspective!

  3. Share your incredible photo on your go-to social media platform (Facebook or Instagram) and make sure to tag us (@SMLConstruction). Use the hashtag #SMLCatchTheBus to officially enter the contest!

But that's not all! If your photo is chosen as the winning entry, you'll be rewarded with a sensational $200 gift card, allowing you to treat yourself to something special!

Plus, all participants will receive an exclusive promo code that unlocks a generous $500 discount on our top-notch reroofing services. It's our way of saying thank you for joining in the fun!

Let your imagination run wild and capture the essence of our vibrant OC Transpo Bus sign. We want to see your creativity shine!

Hurry, the Catch the Bus Photo Contest is now live and will end on July 31st. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! The winner will be announced on August 4th.

Claim Your $500 Off Reroofing Services Today

WARNING: Safety is our top priority, and we kindly remind all participants not to engage in any form of distracted driving, including using their phones while operating a vehicle. As an ethical and law-abiding company, we discourage any behavior that puts individuals and others at risk.

To maintain the integrity of the Catch the Bus Photo Contest and ensure a fair and safe environment, we will be implementing strict disqualification measures for entries that involve capturing photos while driving or otherwise breaking traffic laws.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in promoting a safe and responsible contest experience for everyone involved.

Thank you for being part of the Catch the Bus Photo Contest, and we look forward to seeing your creative entries in compliance with all traffic and safety regulations.

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